About us

Bitssa.com which is operated and controlled by Alpha Fortress Thailand are a dedicated team of experts willing to bring the best all the crypto currency world to the traders on our website and make it more efficient and easy to use for the traders so that they can keep trading for more benefits and can avail enhanced level technology in the near future. Our team is constantly working on how to provide more benefits and safety to the traders.

Soon we will be adding the new crypto currencies to our website and will keep the traders updated on what new is coming up.


Our vision for bitssa.com is to bring the best crypto currencies to it and make the trade better for the traders. It will allow the traders to grow their investment in a better and more efficient way. We also plan to bring the best supporting system for traders so that they have solutions to every problem they come across immediately. We are very much visionary in enhancing the value of our traders and our relationship with them as a family.


We at bitssa.com would like to thank all the traders who are connected to us from the starting of the website and are constantly trading with us. We will also like to thank them for putting in good words to the people surrounded by them and bringing them to the trading platform with us we are constantly working to keep the family growing as traders and company. Thanks a lot for your co-operation and kind pursuance we look ahead for better future of all of you trading at bitssa.com.

With warm regards

Bitssa Team