BITSSA falls under Alpha Fortress Thailand have a clear-cut Anti-Money Laundering Policy. We keep a tab on every transaction that takes place on our platform. We entertain both crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat transactions.

All the users have to mandatorily comply with KYC norms. For this we have instituted a strict KYC policy. Every new user who signs up on our platform has to fill his KYC form providing his complete and correct information supported by KYC verification documents which may include a government approved photo ID and a proof of address such as national ID, PAN card, passport, electricity bills, social security no., bank statement, etc. We only approve those users who have complied with the KYC norms by uploading the said documents.

This is an agreement between Bitssa and User, which is binding on the User. All Users are required to comply with the terms of this agreement at all times, and any instance of non-compliance will result in the termination of such User’s accounts on the Bitssa platform, and in appropriate reporting of the circumstances of such non-compliance and such termination to the relevant statutory authorities. Integrity, honesty and ethical business practices are some of the core values of Bitssa, and Bitssa strongly condemns any and all activities related to terrorism, money laundering, and all other unlawful actions. In order to prevent misuse of the services provided on the Bitssa platform, Users are required to strictly comply with the terms contained herein, which forms part and parcel of the User Terms of Service. Terms not defined herein shall carry the same meaning as in the User Agreement, and in the absence thereof, to general usage and parlance.Users are required to read, review, understand and then agree to the terms hereunder for using or availing of the Bitssa Services, before clicking the “I Accept” option.