• What is bitssa.com?

    Bitssa.com is a crypto currency exchange where you can trade between different crypto currencies and fiat currencies.

  • What type of currencies I can trade with?

    As per the current trade available you can trade between Bitcoin(BTC), Naira(NGN), Cedi(GHS), Ethereum(ETH), Action Coin(ACTN), Bitcoin Cash(BCH).

  • Is there any cost to use bitssa.com?

    Bitssa.com is free to use. Charges only apply on the trading done between currency which is flat 1% of the total trade.

  • Is my money secure with bitssa.com?

    Yes your money is completely secure with bitssa.com.

  • How Many number of trades can I do?

    There is no limit of trading as far as you have balance in your bitssa account.

  • What do I need to do to start trading on bitssa.com?

    There is a basic criteria to register on bitssa.com and get your documents verified as per the norms to get started with trading. For more information please chat live with our representative.

  • For how long can I keep my money with bitssa.com?

    Right now you can keep your money with bitssa.com for as long as you want if there will be any change in the policy you will be informed priorly.

  • How much money should I start trading with on bitssa.com?

    We suggest you to start with .5 BTC but it is up to you how much you want to start with because there is no minimum amount to start with.

  • Why are my documents needed for verification?

    We have a genuine trading platform so it is important that our traders are verified and the transactions can be done legally also helps in keeping our traders money safe.

  • "For more help please contact our customer support chat on the website or email us at [email protected]"

    "We will keep updating the FAQ section for your convenience thank you."